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Promotional Writing
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Manuscript Editing
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Writing Credits (a partial listing)

Interactive VideoDisc Training Programs
A professional Approach To Quality Assurance
Fork Lift Safety
Selling Disability Insurance
New Perspectives on Anesthesia
Maintenance Fault Exercises
Pratt & Whitney
Pratt & Whitney
Conn. Mutual
Burroughs Wellcome
Films and Television Specials
Public Information
Ninety Days to Nowhere
Task Force 77
A Night on the River
Impulse 90
Miracle of Paper
It happened in Holland
More is at Stake
The Elastomer Story
Tomorrow's Food Power
Human Productivity
From the wealth of the North
The Sister Kenny Series
Everybody Knows
The Dartmouth Story
Dodger Rookie
Origins of Jazz
The Legacy-Our Land
Round the World By Clipper
Winter Olympics
Miracle at Mackinac
Air Defense Command
Muhammed Ali Victorious
Chief, Naval Info
Chief, Naval Info
Chief, Naval Info
Netherlands ANVV
Armour & Co.
I.E. DuPont
Central Soya
The York Corp.
Sister Kenny Fund
American Profiles
American Profiles
American Profiles
Pan Am Airways
US Olympic Committee
Merritt Chapman
Warner Bros.
Tuesday Television
Health Education
Inter-American Satellite Programs
The Education of John Weems
The Hunters
The Silent Killer-Hypertension
Cutting the Cords
Evaluating a New Antibiotic
The Next Step
Sabin Clinical Trials
Newborn Immunological Capacity
Human Factors in Space Travel
Taming of a Virus
The Story of a Vaccine
Selman Waxman Biography
Success Story
High Altitude Flight
Breaking the Chain
Merck International
American Heart Assoc.
American Heart Assoc.
American Heart Assoc.
Cerebral Palsy Fnd.
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
IBM - Owego
Nat. TB Assoc.
World Health Org.
The Language of Depression
Turning Point
Psychoactive Drug Therapy
Schizophrenia. Manic Depressive Therapy
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
Chas. Pfizer & Co.
Full Fathom Five
Invisible World Beneath Our Seas
North Pacific Experiment (NORPAX)
Alvin- Deep Submersible
Scripps Institute
National Science Fnd.
Lloyd Bridges TV
Labor Education
The Best is Yet to Come
Men For All Seasons
The Man in the Middle
Landrum-Griffith Act
Labor and The Community
US Labor Department
Public Affairs
An Adventure in Friendship
A Single Step
Haitian Valley
Charles Street Settlement House
Here To There
The Language They Speak
Wilderness Library
School of the Ozarks
Ozark Newspaperwoman
The Pursuit of Happiness
Educating The Investor TV Series
Big Brother Movement
American Profiles
American Profiles
NY World's Fair
Litton Industries
NY Stock Exchange
Military Training
Terrorist Threat Assessment (5 films)
Protective Service Techniques (5 films)
Terrorist Counteraction Program
Command Responsibilities During an Incedent
Terrorist Threatcon Implementation
Polaris (TFR) Trouble and Failure Reporting
Slow Speed Swept Wing Flight
ABC Warfare Series
Army War College
Army War College
Army War College
Army War College
Army War College

Summary of Medical Film and Television Programming

          Mr. Weissman designed and implemented a program for utilizing all informational media in community immunization campaigns, writing and producing all radio, television, and press materials needed to organize 48 state-wide programs in cooperation with County Medical Societies and the Surgeon-General's Office. He edited and produced more than 100 hours of medical programming for the American Pyschological Association, The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, and the American Medical Association

          He has written, directed and produced more than 400 documentary and educational motion pictures working both with and for The National Institutes of Health, The American Heart Association, The National Tuberculosis Foundation, The World Health Organization, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and Chas. Pfizer & Company, Inc.

          These medical writing projects were researched and written in collaboration with the following scientists: Dr. John Ender and Dr. Samuel Katz, Harvard Medical School; Dr. Selman Waxman, Institute of Microbiology, Rutgers; Dr. Albert Sabin, Cincinnati; Dr. David Gitlin, Pittsburgh Medical School; Dr. John Meyers, NIH; Dr. Jacques Miller, Chester Beatty Cancer Institute, London; Dr. Nathan Kline, Rockland State; Dr. Heinz Lehman, Montreal; Dr. Joel Elkes, Johns Hopkins University; Dr. Fritz Freyhan, St. Vincent's; Dr. Douglas Goldman, Columbus; Dr. Jonathan Cole, Boston State Hospital; Dr. Henry Brill, Pilgrim State Hospital; Dr. Vernon Wright, Houston; Dr. Fred Robbins, Western Reserve; Dr. Tom Weller, Harvard School of Public Health; Dr. C.A. Smith and Dr. Alex Langmuir, C.D.C Atlanta.

The following is a partial listing of medical writing credits
  1. "Psychoactive Drugs - Progress Report"
  2. "Manic Depressive Schizophrenia
  3. "Evaluating a New Antibiotic"
  4. "The Next Step"
  5. "Sabin Clinical Trials"
  6. "Immunological Capacity of the Newborn"
  7. "The New Psychiatry"
  8. "The Education of John Weems"
  9. "The Hunters"
  10. "Cerebral Palsy"
  11. "Rubella Brain Damage"
  12. "Human Factors in Space"
  13. "Taming of a Virus"
  14. "Surgical Tissue Processing"
  15. "Selman Waxman Biography"
  16. "Success Story"
  17. "Physiology of High Altitude Flight"
  18. "Breaking the Chain of Infection"
  19. "The Story of a New Vaccine"
  20. "Hypertension - Control and Maintenance"


          After graduating Dartmouth College, Norman Weissman has been continuously employed in motion pictures and television, writing, directing and producing more than four hundred TV series programs, television specials, documentaries and theatrical productions. He has had extensive experience with network and Syndicated shows including Fireside theater, Four Star Playhouse, Armstrong Circle Theater, and the Lloyd Bridges TV series.

          Mr. Weissman has produced TV programs and films in Europe, Latin America, and Asia working for Warner Brothers, MGM, CBS-TV BBC-TV, and World Wide Films, London. His experience with overseas productions includes arctic, jungle, and desert locations.

          Mr. Weissman's early credits include writing network Radio and TV shows such as "The Shadow", "The Private Files of Matthew Bell" with Joseph Cotton, "Cafe Istanbul" with Marlene Dietrich, and Studio One. He wrote the "American Profiles" TV series distributed by BBC and the USIA, and the CBS TV "Eye On The World" Pilot program with Walter Cronkite.

          Theatrical credits include writing and editing "Scuba" with Lloyd Bridges, An Avco-Embassy-CineFilm release; writing and production managing Pepi Columbus" with Joseph Meinrad, produced by Ernest Heusermann of the Stadt Theater, Vienna; writing and directing film segments for the CBS "Will Rogers, jr" TV morning show.

          Other screenplay credits include "Bose Ikard Cowboy" for Empire Productions, "The Man on the Mountain" for TWD Productions, "Frameup" for TVA Group, inc.,"Miracle in San Juan" for Costigan Associates, "The Closest Kin There Is" for Columbia. For Warner Pathe, he wrote and directed "Air Defense", "Haitian Valley", "Survival On the Ice Cap". He also wrote and directed the following TV Specials: "Ninety Days to Nowhere", "Task Force 77", "A Man Called Skipper", "Muhammed Ali Victorious", "Men For All Seasons", "A Single Step", "Invisible World Beneath our Seas", "The Best Is Yet To Come", "Taming of A virus", "The Next Step", "The Silent Killer", "The Education of John Weems", "The Hunters".

          Mr. Weissman organized Overseas Satellite Programs, specialists in International Satellite transmission of Public Educational campaigns. He created, trained, and operated "open" and "closed" television networks in Latin America and Europe producing "live" Satellite television programs with participating overseas broadcasters. Most recently Mr. Weissman designed and created Interactive videodisc training programs for such clients as Pratt and Whitney, GTE, Burroughs Wellcome and Conn Mutual.

          Norman Weissman has won numerous film festival awards including three American Film Festivals, a CHRIS Award and one Academy Award nomination. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

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